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I just cleaned out my inbox here.

I came looking to see if certain messages were still hanging around. They were. I was smart enough not to open any of them, and now they're gone. This is a positive step.
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So I just watched Lost in Translation for the first time and I must exclaim about something where it's easy to hide spoilers.

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I blame hunger and chills for pushing the other thoughts out of my mind.  What I do have right now is as follows.

Having canceled travel in August, I have some flight credit to use up before the end of next August.  Most travel I do is primarily for visiting, and I've been twitchy about that after the way those plans fell apart.  However, I am finally able to start wondering where I might go, when, and who I might visit.  So, that's progress, and so is my putting this out here.  So, yeah, if you are someone who might like to discuss my possibly visiting sometime maybe, here's a chance to say something.

Now, food and a hot beverage!


Aug. 26th, 2011 06:25 pm
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-I won't be missing C and the comforts of home for several days.
-I won't be missing a visit from C's son and his girlfriend.
-I will be avoiding Hurricane Irene.
-If things are going to fall apart, it's better to have that happen at home.
-The airline tickets were cheap enough that, while it still sucks, I can reasonably eat the cost.
-I won't have all the expenses that come with being away.
-I won't have the hassles of air travel and border crossings.
-I have awesome, understanding, supportive friends.

If I think of more, I'll add them.
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There is a tornado watch in my area. This day is full of suck.


Aug. 24th, 2011 11:30 am
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Seriously, how do we ever successfully communicate ANYTHING to each other with something as inadequate as words?
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I'm having a crappy day.  Anything you think might help make it better -- hugs, good news, distraction, etc. -- is welcome.


Jul. 6th, 2011 03:57 pm
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[personal profile] writerly and I are planning to attend Arisia 2012 even if we're unsure whether [personal profile] starandrea and [personal profile] marcicat will attend, but we really hope they will, because they are super awesome.

That was not the trigger for this post, but I do want to let them know they would be greatly missed if absent from the event.

Anyway, now that JetBlue is booking flights into next February, I went searching for fares to get us to Arisia.  Accepting that fares simply aren't as low as they were last time we bought, we decided to go ahead instead of waiting to see if the still-low fares would somehow go even lower.

When I got to checkout, I discovered I had $100 credit in their Travel Bank!

Looking around, I discovered it was granted under their Customer Bill of Rights, for the delayed departure of our flight home from Arisia 2011.  If they had ever informed me of that credit, I don't remember it happening, but I'm simply happy the credit was there.  In addition to saving us money now, it also helps take some of the sting out of having lost over $50 in the taxi to the airport last time.

Now I just have to remember not to treat that $100 like extra money.
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[personal profile] writerly and I fared better at the party than we thought we would, staying for close to three hours.  It was a low-key affair, with not too big a crowd.  Food was good, sangria was good, people were interesting.

It was, however, our fourth consecutive day of social activity, and we introverts are ready for a break.  We do have a tango lesson tomorrow evening, but we get to relax and recharge until then.  I think a hot bath tonight is in order for me.
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Social energy depleted, with a party still to attend. Break out the emergency spoons!
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I just got home late this afternoon from a week's holiday at a cottage.  It was lovely, lovely, lovely.  That's all I have the mental energy to say about it at the moment.  As for reading journals, I will try to catch up over the next couple days, but feel free to point me to anything you'd especially like me to see.

New hair!

Jun. 13th, 2011 01:01 am
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So happy with this new look, I can't even tell you.

new hair 2
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Tell me good things, please? I really need them today.
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And I say way-hey-hey, it's just an ordinary day
and it's all your state of mind

-Great Big Sea
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I am all schmoopy for my beloved [personal profile] writerly on this, our tenth anniversary. He has surprise plans for me tonight, for which I am excited.

We make a good team, better than the sum of our parts, and it just keeps getting better. I love how we learn and grow together, how we hold each other together and lift each other up. I love that we not only love each other, but also like each other. He feels like home to me, and now we share a physical home as well, with all that goes with that. It's going beautifully and makes me so happy. Being able to snuggle with him every night and every morning is immeasurably wonderful. I love him more every day.
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I know it's a little on the early side, but I've started making posts on this year's Valentines community [community profile] 14022011. I'll probably do some more on another day, and will update when I do. For the moment, my brain is too fried to write more.
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I've been wanting to post things lately, about Arisia and thoughts arising out of that, about new job stuff, and so on, but I just have not had the mental resources lately.  Arisia was fun, but so much happened, both internally and externally.  It seems like writing about it should be a good way to process some of it, and yet it's not happening.  New job stuff certainly is a factor in that.  It's kind of weird, after vacation, to return not to routine, but to something new.  I will feel in a state of flux until I'm sufficiently adjusted, and then the job will be over at the end of April.  Not having a way to wrap this up feels a little fitting.
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